Accused hit-and-run driver may have fled to Mexico, Plant City police say

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A driver accused of hitting and killing a man on Dec. 2 may have fled the country, according to the Plant City Police Department.

Investigators said Doris Rosales-Carbajal, 27, is believed to be in a remote area of Mexico, evading criminal charges connected to the incident.

"We have a female who, because she was scared, made a mistake, but left him as though he were garbage," said Sgt. Alfred Van Duyne, a spokesman for the police department, as he described the deadly scene on SR 574.

According to detectives, Miguel Hernandez Jr., 21, was walking with two of his friends from Fuego Bar & Grille, just before 11:00 p.m., when an SUV hit all three of them.

Two were treated for non-life threatening injuries, but Hernandez did not survive.

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"I know nothing is going to bring my son back, but she has to own up to her responsibility," said Raquel Vargas, the mother of the victim. "You don't do stuff like that, that's inhuman."

After weeks of conducting interviews, and going over evidence, detectives said the suspect was located in Mexico.

According to Sgt. Van Duyne, either a federal agency must get involved to extradite Rosales-Carbajal back to the United States, or officials will wait and see if she tries to return. "That [arrest] warrant will never go away."