Acting their age – and loving every minute of it

Senior actors often have a hard time finding roles to play. But a community acting company is providing an outlet for their talent while promoting a positive and healthy lifestyle. 

Leaa Conway has been acting with Senior Actors Guild & Educational Services (SAGES) for more than two years.

“I get to present sides of my personality that, in normal social situations, would not be good," she said. “But on the stage, I can be different sides of me. It gives me a chance to create.”

The grass-roots effort was started three years ago by 73-year-old Linda Goldman, a playwright who didn't like the way seniors were being portrayed in plays.  

"I like to see a play that gives me something to think about, that has in some way improved my life, challenged my thinking, something more than just a ‘ha-ha-ha hee-haw.’"

This play is called "Denying Gravity." The story tackles the issue of fall prevention for seniors. 

Play director Christine Hamacher says the subjects they select hit home hit home with golden-agers. 

"It feels real to them. It sounds real to them. It looks real to them. And so this message about how to prevent falls, which will literally save lives, becomes  a very personal message to them from the actors on stage." 

The play has had a profound effect on the crew.  

"It makes me feel wonderful, like I have a purpose," said Leaa. 

SAGES is giving seniors the opportunity to perform and learn in their golden years. They are always looking for seniors who have the acting bug.