After alleged threat, Drejka requests bulletproof vest for court appearances

The confrontation between the man accused in a fatal shooting and the victim's father will now be front and center in a Pinellas courtroom.

Defendant Michael Drejka says he was acting in self-defense when he shot Markeis McGlockton in the parking lot of a Clearwater convenience store.

Outside the courthouse before hearing in June, McGlockton's father, Michael McGlockton made what Drejka interpreted to be a threat.

Sources say Michael McGlockton called Drejeka a "coward" and accused him of shooting "an innocent man."

The witness recalled McGlockton saying, "My face will be the last face you see."

Attorney Bryant Camareno said Drejka now feels his life may be in danger and is asking to be given a bulletproof vest to wear to court.

"To be threatened directly in court by Mr. McGlockton's father takes it to whole other level, so absolutely he’s under so much pressure right now. He's definitely concerned now. It’s more an overt threat," said Camareno about his client. 

Camareno says the judge and prosecutors were told about the confrontation, but there hasn't been any action. The defense filed a motion to kick the prosecutors off the case, claiming the State Attorney's Office has failed to protect Drejka’s due process.

"Their inaction is making Mr. Drejka concerned that he may not be getting a fair deal here," said Camareno.

Prosecutors are pushing back, taking aim at Drejka's lead attorney, John Trevana, whose private life has made headlines, including a recent arrest for domestic violence. However, the charges were dropped.

Legal experts assume the plot against Drejka's attorney could ultimately prevent the defendant from filing an appeal based on outside distractions.

However, Camareno said he is not worried about appeals. His team is focused on their client's defense and keeping him safe.

"They're telling him, 'there's going to be a bullet in your head one day,' so he's very nervous. He feels threatened and he doesn’t feel safe at all," said Camareno.