After an emotional year, a small, but mighty, Gronk fan is now rooting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Over the course of a year, four-year-old James had quite an emotional journey as a big fan of Rob Gronkowski.

His family lives just outside of Boston, and, for a while, he loved the New England Patriots. So, when Gronk announced his retirement in 2019, James was devastated.

In one video recorded last year, James receives the news of Gronk's retirement. He didn't take it very well. 

"But I like Gronk," James said in response.

"I know but he doesn't play football anymore. He retired. You're not going get to be him for Halloween again."

"Yes, I am," James said before bursting into tears. 

Fast forward to this week. Gronkowski made headlines when he announced he will be coming out of retirement and joining his former teammate, the GOAT, Tom Brady, as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer.

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When James found out, he said he was "wicked excited."

In a separate video from this week, James yells, "Go Tampa Bay!"

The Bucs now have a new and energetic fan ready to cheer on the Bucs -- and Gronk.