After arrests, Pasco sheriff has message for criminals

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Pasco County Sheriff's Office body cam video shows the arrest of three men suspected in an auto burglary ring that spanned three counties,

The sheriff's office says these three were not only hitting cars in Pasco, but Pinellas and Hillsborough. 

They shared video of one of the suspects caught in the act shortly before he was arrested on Seattle Slew Drive in Wesley Chapel early Thursday morning.

A homeowner saw someone breaking into his car and when he went outside to confront them, they ran and he called deputies.

Michael Honor, Javares Buchanan and Rayvon Young were all arrested.  All three have prior burglary arrests.

Even with those three off the streets, law enforcement is asking everyone to be attentive and lock their car doors.

"Sometimes they just get busy and forget to lock their cars. Some of the other reasons they are giving us is that they think they hit their fob and they think it's locked and it's not. Many people get embarrassed that they forgot so they don't report the crime," explained Sgt. Steve Greiner. "So we're asking everyone again to please lock your doors. Please do not leave firearms in your car overnight."

Sheriff Chris Nocco says his deputies have been too busy chasing down criminals from other counties who comes to Pasco to commit crimes, and he pledged action.

"In the past two weeks, we've been in St. Pete twice already," he said.  "So the message to those criminals, if you think about coming to Pasco, it's a bad idea.  Stay away from us.  We're gonna make you hate us so bad, you're not even gonna want to drink Zephyrhills water."