After dress shop's abrupt closure, Palm Harbor boutique offers free dresses to stuck prom-goers

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Prom dress shopping is already stressful, but not having a prom dress when you've already custom-designed and paid for it is the crisis facing several seniors after a dress shop closed up without fulfilling outstanding orders.

Blake High School Senior Ivy Mina said she feels like she is living a nightmare. She spent significant time and money - about $700 - for the dress shop Russian Roulette to create the prom dress of her dreams.

It was supposed to be ready for pick-up Wednesday but when Mina and her godmother arrived, they saw the University Mall store was closed, leaving those who were promised merchandise empty-handed.

“I was just upset with the world," Mina said. "I felt like I was being punished for something I didn’t even do.”

If this were a fairytale, this is the part where a fairy would swoop in. In this Cinderella story, the fairy godmother turned out to be Nikki's Glitz and Glam in Palm Harbour, Florida.

Carl Smith and boutique owner Toni Positano heard Mina’s story and remembered they had dozens of spare dresses that were going to be sent back to the designer.

“One of our industry partners was willing to donate a bunch of dresses they didn't want back," Smith said. "I called the designer and she said, 'Yes, yes get them out into the community and help them out.' It was one of those things that we felt was right to do."

The shop is offering a dress, free of charge, to girls like Mina, who were left dressless a mere day before prom.

“It may not be their first option for a prom dress, but at least they have a dress to go to prom in," Smith said.

Mina says the one she picked surprised her.

“It’s different, that’s why I love it more. It’s something I never pictured myself wearing," she said.

Now she’s off to find the shoes and accessories to go with it.

Russian Roulette did not return FOX 13's requests for comment Friday afternoon.

Nikki's Glitz and Glam Boutique says if there are any other girls who purchased a dress from Russian Roulette and never received it, they can bring in their receipt with an event date that hasn't yet passed and pick out a specific designer dress, free of charge.