After months of problems, Florida looking for new SunPass vendor

Florida will look elsewhere for management of its SunPass toll system.

The state's transportation secretary announced Wednesday said billing issues and server problems at airports are two of the main reasons for the change.

For months, many SunPass customers dealt with overbilling after backlogs and failed transactions.

“That's not acceptable for Tampa International Airport and that's not how we operate. People don't expect to have hassles at this airport, and we won't allow it,” said Joseph Lopano, the CEO of Tampa International Airport.

Hassles are no longer acceptable for the Florida Department of Transportation, either.

FDOT Secretary Kevin Thibault said the agency will not renew its contract with Conduent, the state’s current SunPass vendor.

“I’ve already told the team, let’s start talking about the next procurement,” said Thibault.

The state struck a 14-year deal with Conduent with an option to renew after the first seven years. But just four years into the deal, FDOT has had enough.

Customer service and a good track record are priorities FDOT hopes the next vendor can meet.

“Obviously, price is going to be some component of that. But clearly it’s got to be past performance, and it’s got to be the capabilities,” said Thibault.

Tampa International Airport’s CEO said they worked with the SunPass vendor over the last month to fix parking problems, and they haven’t seen any major problems since.

FDOT’s secretary said the agency will continue to be proactive on any problems customers may face.