Air travel steady two days before Christmas

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In spite of AAA predicting this would be one of the busiest holiday travel seasons on record - plus a week of delays and cancellations at airports across the county - airport operations seemed to be moving smoothly two days before Christmas.

According to's Misery Map, the most miserable conditions were for travelers going through Atlanta, Boston, and JFK airports, but only about a quarter of those travelers were experiencing headaches. 

Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is finally recovering from a crippling power outage last week.

The power outage lasted nearly 11 hours Sunday, December 17 and crippled air travel at the nation's busiest airport.

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According to AAA, more than 107 million Americans are expected to travel from Saturday through Monday, January 1.

In the Bay Area, Tampa International Airport predicted a 7 percent increase in its airport traffic, compared to last year.