Air travelers may have to buy new carry-on luggage

An airline group announced new guidelines Tuesday recommending shrinking the size of carry-on bags.

According to the International Air Transport Association, the optimal size is 21.5 inches-by-13.5 inches. The current maximum size is 22 inches-by-14 inches.

The new recommendations have FOX 13 consumer reporter Chris Chmura heated.

"What really steams my clams about this is that the bag that I just bought- I'm going to have a buy a new one now," said Chmura.

"I'm a numbers guy. I had to do the math. The original bag is 2,772 cubic inches, The new bag guideline is 2,176 cubic inches- that's a difference of 596 cubic inches," Chmura said.

The idea behind the new recommendations are to end the confusion over carry-on sizes and free up overhead bin space. Travelers at Tampa International Airport are split on the carry-on crunch.

"Everybody likes what they have, and it's working out as it is," said Jane Ross, a frequent flier.

Airline officials say the guidelines help ensure all passengers can fit their bag in an overhead compartment, but Chris Chmura sees it another way. 

"They collected almost $2.6 billion in bag fees last year alone. I imagine that's not enough," he said.