All-access pass allows non-flying guests to go past security at TPA

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On Saturday, Tampa International Airport rolled out their new program which allows guests to enjoy all that the airside terminals have to offer without purchasing a ticket.

It's like a backstage pass for all things TIA that was once only available to ticketed passengers. Guests who tried out the new program Saturday said it's a game changer.

"We're going to Terminal F, we're just going to visit and try out the new airside pass. I think it's pretty cool that Tampa airport's doing this," said Brennan Morello, an all-access pass guest.

Every Saturday from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M., 100 can guests now enjoy access to the four airside terminals. Visitors will still be expected to follow the same strict guidelines as ticketed passengers and will also be required to go through security.

In order to take advantage of the program, visitors will need to register online at least 24 hours prior to their visit. After arriving at the airport, guests will be able to pick up their pass at the information kiosk as long as they have their photo ID.

For many, the new pass allows extra time with family that they wouldn't be able to have at other airports.

"Victoria, my wife, is going to Atlanta and she's five months pregnant, so being able to escort her airside and being able to take care of her bags for as long as possible is a great feature," said Marcus Motes, a visitor who tried out the new program.

Others were excited to access restaurants that were once off-limits to the general public.

"We're going to go visit all the restaurants there," said Morello.

TIA is currently only the second airport to offer an all-access pass to non-ticketed visitors.

"The airport does a great job of staying ahead of the curve on a lot of trends," said Motes.

Currently, the program will only be available on Saturdays. However, the airport said that could change in the future if all goes well.

As of now, passes are completely sold out through the month of May.