Andersen Race Park gives drivers a taste of Indy Car racing

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The race is on in Palmetto, Florida, as the Andersen Race Park quickly becomes a point of interest for thrill-seekers across the state.

Home of the Road to Indy, the park introduces the development program that provides a scholarship-funded path for aspiring racecar drivers. 

Composed of 13 turns and a 6/10th-mile outdoor track, the race park has piqued the interest of daredevils from the ages of five to 85 years old.

At Andersen Race Park, a beginner's class is provided so drivers understand how to operate the machines.

Drivers are then able to demonstrate their proficiency by decreasing their lap time, which determines whether or not a driver can move from a basic 9-horsepower machine to a 50-horsepower machine.

The track's facility manager, Neil van Niekerk defines the experience as thrilling.

"You're about 3/8ths or a quarter of an inch off the ground, so at 50 miles an hour, it feels about three times as fast, so it can be quite exhilarating," van Niekerk explained. "It gives the average driver the ability to feel like they're a racecar driver because they're experiencing the same G-force that actual racecar drivers do as they enter and exit these turns."

Neil and staff encourage drivers of all ages to take a test drive on the track, where they will be greeted with quick service. According to Neil van Niekerk, folks who are over 18, must sign a waiver, while exceptions are offered to drivers who are under 18.

The Andersen Race Park looks forward to meeting new and returning costumers with a premier karting experience.