Angry over being fired, Indian Rocks Beach employee accused of violent attacks

A disgruntled Indian Rocks Beach employee went on a violent rampage Wednesday morning. The man is accused of beating up his boss at city hall after the supervisor told the man he was being fired.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said the public services employee, 52-year-old Errol Gray, apparently had an extreme reaction after a meeting with his boss.

“During this meeting, it got pretty heated, and he was informed by the supervisor that he was being terminated,” explained Pinellas County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Spencer Gross. “Mr. Gray became angry about this and he struck the victim numerous times with his fists about the head, the torso. The victim actually fell on the ground and he was kicked numerous times.”

The victim had to go to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. Arrest paperwork says the 58-year-old suffered cuts, bruises, and a cracked rib.

After that, investigators say Gray attacked another worker in city hall.

“There was a female victim sitting outside the office that he threw a chair at and struck the woman with the chair, and he also grabbed the woman’s leg and tried to toss her out of her chair,” Gross said.

Other employees heard the commotion. One of them called 911 while hiding under her desk while a group of women ran outside.

Meanwhile, investigators say Gray stormed out, jumped into a work pick-up truck, and took off.

“He got partially away down the street and he did a U-turn and came back to the front of city hall where four of these women were standing,” said Gross.

Tire marks show where Gray allegedly barreled towards the building, stopping short of plowing into the women.

The Pasco County man ended up being pulled over and arrested about a half-mile away. Deputies say he admitted he wanted to ram the truck through city hall and into the city manager’s office.

“He musta been pretty mad if he was trying to run it all the way through the building and everything,” Tyler Crawford said. “He must be in a pretty bad situation to do something that crazy.”

Gray faces seven charges including aggravated battery and aggravated assault with a vehicle. The six victims range from 50 to 80-years-old.