Animal shelter burglarized in Plant City

Sunday morning was supposed to be quiet and relaxing for Laura Santo, but it wasn't.

As soon as she drove up to the gate at the animal rescue she founded, she knew something was wrong.

"I noticed that the gate was open, and I was the last one to leave Saturday night and everything was all locked up," Santo told FOX 13.

Someone had gone through the gate overnight and burglarized the "It's Raining Cats and Dogs Shelter and Sanctuary" on State Road 60.

They cut the electric line from the meter so they could take whatever they wanted under the cloak of darkness.

The culprit or culprits pried open the garage door and took thousands of dollars worth of equipment, including a riding mower, push mower, drills, saws, and more. They also ripped off an air conditioning unit.

"We are doing renovations," Santo said. "All the things we need to do the renovations, to put up the drywall and everything, all of that is gone."

Volunteers say they are heartbroken because Santo is so committed to the rescue. Last year, she opened it with money she got after the father died.

"These animals only ask for food and lodging, and love, and she (Santo) has lots of it," said Paula Cole.

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office investigators suggest that Santo get a security system. Until she does, she is going to worry.

"Last night, I  slept on the floor because I was concerned that they were going to come back," she said.