Arians Family Foundation providing support for child advocacy

Bruce Arians may be the person in charge of the Tampa Bay Bucs, but it's Christine Arians who's in charge at home. The Arians have been married 48 years. Their lives are full. They have two children and now two grandchildren who they adore.  

From the very beginning of their marriage, no matter how busy, or where they lived, the Arians have always made giving back a priority to give back.  

Many years ago, the couple started the Arians Family Foundation. It raises funds to support children in foster care.

"Our foundation supports local child advocates programs," said Christine. 

Along with her career as an attorney, Christine began working with the Guardian Ad Litem Program during their early days with the Indianapolis Colts.

"That child advocate is their only consistent adult in their life, for so many of them. They need consistency and they need a home and they need caring adults. For way too many of them, that child advocate becomes that person," Christine explained.

The mission started small, but grew as Coach Arians' profile grew. When he became a head coach, the Arians created their foundation, and through the years they have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support child advocacy.

Big stars like Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have helped them raise the money, but they have also raised awareness.

"What more can you want to do? I can't hear of a child with needs and not want to help," said Christine. "It doesn't matter that it's not my child or I don't even know the child, you know? I just, I have to help. I think all of us, when you reach down inside, that's how you have to feel."

As soon as they got to Tampa, the Arians got to work with Bay Area Guardian Ad Litem Programs. Christine and Coach Arians are passionate about the cause.  

"I think it's your duty. It's just something that you are supposed to do," said Coach Arians. "There is no better cause than helping children who need help because they are in a situation through no fault of their own."

Christine says the need is great. "We need somebody to raise them. We need foster parents. We need child advocates. We need people who care, who will make their life the way it should be," Christine added.

The Arians Family Foundation has spent years trying to fill that need, one child at a time. For information on their upcoming fundraiser, visit