Armature Works starts online ordering, curbside pickup Thursday

Armature Works has been one of Tampa’s weekend hotspots, but the market has been closed for more than a month because of the pandemic.

In an effort to keep vendors in business and customers coming through, they’re reopening – but it won’t be the shoulder-to-shoulder, socially close environment customers are used to.

Market managers say they're following city, county, and centers for disease control guidelines very carefully.

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Starting Thursday, restaurants inside armature will accept online orders and bring your order right to the car.

Armature Works manager Eric Blankenship explained, "You’ll come here at Armature Works on the east entry, which is right off of Ola Avenue, and you’ll pull up, curbside service, so you won’t even need to come out of your vehicle. All the food is being prepared in each one of the vendors’ specific kitchens. We’ll bring that food to a centralized holding area, then we’ll walk it out to you and we’ll even place it in your car."

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The goal is for there to be limited contact between placing the order and picking up food -- and for businesses to be able to get back to work.

Six vendors will open Thursday, and then more will open next week.

"This is a way for us to take a small step forward to whatever is going to be that new normal," Blankenship said. 

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