Arrest made in hit and run that dragged woman in Staten Island

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UPDATE: New York Police Department tweeted an arrest was made in this accident. A 22-year-old female has taken into custody.


Surveillance video captured the moments after a car apparently runs over a woman, drags her several feet, and then speeds off. 

The New York Police Department is now looking for witnesses - and the person behind the wheel.

The hit-and-run on Staten Island injured the 62-year-old woman seen being dragged down the street. According to a police statement, it happened on July 14.

Surveillance footage was just released on Wednesday, August 2.

It first shows a wayward umbrella hit the pavement before a black Honda comes into view.

It briefly slows after seeming to hit something and run it over.

As the car comes further into the frame, it appears what the Honda hit was a woman, who likely threw her umbrella when she was hit.

The woman is dragged several feet by the black sedan before she falls to the ground and the car speeds off.