Artists transform asphalt into canvas using chalk

Kumpa Tawornprom and Tim Ritter have always had a creative flair.

"The kids love it, the wow factor when you are done." said Tawornprom, who is a chalk artist.

The two have been artists for more than 20 years. They said they fell in love with chalk art 7 years ago.

"You have chalk in your hand like you have earth in your hand, you know, you will be a part of the nature," Tawornprom said.

"You can layer colors and you can use other colors to make darker colors pop," Ritter said.

The artists draw an outline with pencil. They use pastels to lay the base and then layer the chalk, blending colors together to create shadow, contrast and depth.

"It's just taking it to a level to where you can show people that you can be a master of chalk art," Ritter said.

Ritter and Tawornprom hope their creations will draw more children into the creative arts.