Attorney claims investigators missed evidence tampering after murder

Attorney Jonathan Comnes says a clip of grainy surveillance video may be the key to his client's defense against murder charges. 

"It shows this guy was armed to the teeth that night," said Comnes. 

In the fall of 2016, Jessie Harris was charged with the murder of Greg Walker. The two were involved in a messy love triangle and vying for the affection of Tracia Taylor.

However, things turned deadly last November during a chance encounter at a Tampa gas station.

Prosecutors say Harris saw Walker walking down the street and threw the first punch. Later, they say Harris is seen stomping on Walker's head and body.

When it was over, Greg Walker would die of his injuries and Harris would be charged with his murder.

But now, Harris' attorney says the video shows something else.

"It's clear from the video evidence that we've reviewed that Greg Walker's cohorts come up to the body, get something out of the body, something heavy, put it in their waistband, and run from the scene," said Comnes.

He is convinced the alleged victim had a gun that night, but if someone tampered with the crime scene,  Comnes wants to know why investigators didn't catch it.

"Can't you put, in one report, we viewed the videos and it's obvious, the scene had tampered with. Not one sentence in one report. That's amazing," said Comnes.

Comnes says hiding exculpatory evidence or evidence that could clear his client amounts to a Brady violation by prosecutors. Now he plans to take it to a judge. The trial is set for December 9, 2019.