Babe Crafted: Female entrepreneurs helping each other succeed

It's a group that mixes pleasure with business. The women of Babe Crafted consider themselves a girl gang of female entrepreneurs who help each other out.

Founder Gina Moccio calls herself the Chief Babe.

"It's really about getting women together to support one another and learn and grow together because, even though you might be an accountant and I might be a florist, we're overcoming a lot of the same challenges," said Moccio.

One of their most popular events is the deep dive workshop.

"It's a really great way to get business owners' advice on, like, different takes on problems that you're having. It's really fun to be able to help other women, too," said Danielle Ferrari, the owner of Valhalla Resale clothing store.

They've become a band of sisters in business, listening and exchanging ideas.

"That positive spirit, that feeling that you can say anything because we're all here, we're all in each other's corner, is individual to this group and I think a large part of that is because it's all-female," said financial advisor Heather Saunders.

They're also helping each other grow their businesses outside of the workshops through pop-ups. 

"It was a great opportunity for her to bring my products in for this pop-up and see how her customers really receive the brand," said Sheila Vaske, creator of V'Enza jewelry.

"We support each other and we collaborated to join forces in her boutique to showcase our own individual brands," said Jessy Furniel of Adalie, a skincare company.

"I think we shouldn't really be competing with one another. We should be collaborating and helping each other out," said Sophia Rodriguez, owner of A Haley Boutique, which hosts the pop-ups.

"It's really helpful to kind of cross-pollinate and then you get exposure to someone else's network and you'll be introduced to potential clients and super fans of you and what you do," said Moccio.

It's a female-force working together to craft their business futures.

"When you do overcome something really big and you accomplish that goal, they completely get it and are there to celebrate with you and kind of release those confetti cannons," said Moccio.

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