Baby Chimpanzee Unites With Adoptive Mom at Detroit Zoo

A baby chimpanzee has been successfully united with an adoptive mother at Detroit Zoo after five months of being nurtured by animal care staff.

Baby Zane was born in January before his mother became ill and then showed no interest in keeping her son, the zoo said.

Zane then required round-the-clock care from staff, all in sight of the chimpanzee troop, so they could get used to him despite the separation.

Two chimpanzees, a mother-daughter duo, finally showed interest in caring for the little baby. The video shows Zane with Trixi, his main caregiver. The zoo said Trixi, 50, is a high-ranking matriarch and would make an ideal parent. Her daughter, Tanya, 29, has also been caring for Zane, the zoo said.