Bank robbery suspect strips, throws money in air as he flees

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Police say a bank robbery suspect stripped naked and ran down the street throwing cash into the air after being sprayed by a dye pack.

The clothes-deficient suspect was arrested a short time later.

Video recorded by WSVN News7’s Lorena Estrada shows the aftermath of the incident, with the suspect – wrapped in a yellow tarp - being escorted by a police officer.

Police in Fort Lauderdale say the man robbed a Regions Bank and then ran off. As he made his escape, police say a red dye pack inside his bag of money exploded, covering his clothes with dye.

That’s when he decided to strip and share his spoils with passersby.

Police say he began throwing the money into the air as he ran, leaving a trail of cash behind.

Bystanders told WSVN they were too stunned by what they were seeing to begin scooping up the money.

WSVN reports Fort Lauderdale Police detained the suspect, but would hand him over to the FBI, which would conduct the robbery investigation.