Banyan Coffee Company opens new shop in Palmetto, with on-site roasting

The owners of a Palmetto-based coffee company recently opened a new location and hope to introduce a new community to their specialty cups of Joe. 

Banyan Coffee Company's owners, Josh and Abbey Schmitt said Palmetto isn’t flooded with high-quality coffee shops, so their new location at 1110 10th Street West will draw customers looking for something special in their morning mugs.

Coffee drinkers will also be able to learn a little about the roasting process while their coffee is brewed.

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"At our shop here, people can see behind the scenes of the roasting. So, if they are waiting for their coffee, they can see the process and the amount of detail that goes into your cup of coffee," Josh explained. 

Banyan offers hot coffee, espressos, lattes and cold brew. They also stock local baked goods. 

"We want you to leave not just with a good cup of coffee, but a good experience, too," said Josh.

Banyan Coffee Company is open Tuesday through Saturday. They also offer local delivery and shipping through their website,