Baseball little league designed for people of all abilities

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Fun and teamwork go hand and hand in a baseball program for those facing daily challenges.

Something special is happening on this field of dreams where America's pastime is being played with excitement and passion.

"If you come out here and see the kids play, you understand why it is so important," said Anthony Sanchez of Challenger Little League at Keystone.

The baseball program is designed for the needs of children and adults with physical or mental disabilities.

"It's just an opportunity for them to play baseball," said John Weihmuller of Challenger Little League. "To participant in little league like most kids do."

Erin Visoky, 30, has been playing for seven years.

"I like to play baseball for fun. It's my hobby," said Erin. "I love it."

Anthony Sanchez is a three-year veteran and loves the atmosphere the players bring to the field.

"When you come out here and meet some of these players all they care about is coming out and having a great time and you can just feel it how excited they are about playing," Anthony said.

The 12-member team plays every Saturday for 10 weeks of the year.

"It's just a great feeling knowing that you can be a part of helping them enjoy themselves every week," Anthony said.

John Weihmuller has been pitching for the teams for more than 25 years.

"You know, they make friends they learn about teamwork. They learn how to play baseball," he said. 

The parents and coaches enjoy it too.

"It just makes me feel great. It's what baseball is supposed to be about - coming out having fun," Anthony said.

"Everybody should try and do something to give back to the community. Participant in things that help other people this is my thing," John explained.

The league is also looking for more players. For information, email Anthony at