Bay Area elves read, respond to letters to Santa

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As Christmas nears, Santa is so busy he needs a little help opening up all his letters from kids.

FOX 13 dropped by Tampa's main post office and met the special elves giving Santa a hand with that Christmas list.

Some volunteers sat around a table at the post office, reading letters addressed to Santa from little kids around the Bay Area.

Their goal is to read and respond to as many letters as possible

Some wrote their wish list, some drew pictures, and some asked for less tangible items.

“Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is for my grades to go up,” one letter read. “I have hope you will help me.”

Another letter said, “All I really want is for you to help my mom and dad because they work so hard. And I try to help, but I’m always in school.”

“P.S. Please bring presents to kids who aren’t as lucky as me,” was the message from one little future elf.