Bay Area 'hippie' breathes easier by making, selling her own candles

Krista Jacobson started Hippies Homemade Candles in her kitchen back in 2013.

She worked as a message therapist burning candles every day, but that was a problem.

“I’m an asthmatic,” she explained, “so these candles we were purchasing were just really setting me off.”

So she decided to learn how to make a better healthier candle.  

“It started with me, then giving them away as gifts to all of my friends, then it turned into, ‘Hey can you make 10 for my mother and Christmas is coming? Can you make me a few for my cousins?’ Then it turned into ‘You should just quit your job and do this.’”

All of her candles are named after her personal life experiences, from 'drum circle' to 'breathe easy.'

She uses high quality botanical-based, phthalate-free oils and 100-percent soy wax.

Krista sells her products on her website as well as farmers markets and a few local stores.

LINK: Find her at