Bay Area men with airboat rescue dozens in Houston

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Two Bay Area men saw the disastrous flooding in Houston, looked at their airboat, and then packed up for a trip to Texas.

Since Monday, the pair from Lutz  - who have picked up more helpers along the way - has helped those with no options make it to shelters.

The airboat driven by Cody Duncan and Lance Sheppard cut through Houston until they found the next people in need.

"Both of us were having trouble sleeping, seeing people in distress," said Duncan. "If that was our family [in need], maybe somebody from out of state would be coming to help us."

They towed Sheppard's airboat on the sixteen-hour drive. They found a willing host outside Houston. For three days, this has been their calling.

Even real emergency workers are enlisting their help. His parents are watching as he streams the rescues on Facebook.

"The last thing he said to me was, 'Mom, we are made for this,'" said Jane Duncan.

They are amazed and relieved at the network he and Sheppard have built in just a few days.

"Friends of friends of friends that are putting them up and washing their clothes and giving them food and all the mechanics that have helped them with mechanical problems they have had, and won't take money," said his father, Jim Duncan.

Duncan and Sheppard promise to be there as long as there are more rescues to make.

So far, they've helped between 80 and 100 people.

"There are a lot of good people out here," said Duncan. "It's amazing how everybody is coming together out here right now, everybody is trying to do their part."

To keep the boat going, they have had to scavenge for gas, filling up a 55-gallon drum whenever they can find an open station.

But that's not easy because Duncan says it feels like nine of 10 stations are closed.