Bay Area YMCA’s team up with OneBlood to save lives

For Karen Moore donating blood is a normal part of her life.

"I love donating blood because I am a universal donor," Moore explained. "I do it every 8 weeks. It makes me happy to give back to the community and help where I can." 

She recently participated in a very special blood drive that was part of a partnership between Bay Area YMCA's and OneBlood.  

"We have been trying to invest our resources to help fill community voids and blood is one of those community voids right now so the YMCA is helping OneBlood to meet their needs," said YMCA CEO & President Matt Mitchell. 

The YMCA used15 locations to help out with this critical need. 

"The YMCA is a hub of activity in our local communities," Mitchell said. "Our neighborhoods know us. They trust us. They feel safe at the YMCA that makes the YMCA a tremendous place to hold a blood drive." 

Mayor Jane Castor said because of the coronavirus pandemic, it's important for everyone to roll up their sleeves if they are eligible to give blood. 

"It really is a critical need and our community is always so willing to give so I ask everybody to come out and give blood and help your fellow citizens out," Castor said. 

For Moore, it's an opportunity to pay it forward. "It makes me feel very good knowing that somebody is going through a surgery or something and had the blood on hand to help them survive." 

Donating blood is an inexpensive way to help save lives in the Tampa area.