Bayfront Garden Tour: Botanical wonders and history of the Ringling legacy

The Bayfront Garden Tour at the historic Ringling estate in Sarasota offers visitors a nature and history lesson.

This enchanting tour gives guests the opportunity to delve into a rich tapestry of botanical wonders while gaining insight into the historical evolution of the estate developed by the Ringling family.

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"Over 100 years ago, this property started at just 20 acres but has grown to a stunning 66 acres of well manicured and thoughtful gardens," said Jane Harris with the Ringling Museum. 

Visitors can book this immersive tour to explore a diverse array of botanical specimens thoughtfully curated across the grounds. The experience weaves together the natural beauty of the gardens with the captivating history of the Ringling legacy.

"The Ringling Bayfront Gardens are unique experience for our visitors in that John Ringling truly wanted a nature destination for visitors," shared Harris.

On this 90 minute tour through the Bayfront Gardens, guests are treated to a visually stunning journey that not only showcases the diverse plant life but also unfolds the fascinating story of how the Ringling family shaped and nurtured this iconic estate.

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Guests can visit Mabel's Rose Garden, which showcases over 1,200 different varieties of roses. Visitors can also see banyan trees as they walk along the Millennium Tree Trail.

"You can expect to learn a little bit about John and Mabel, the Ringling legacy and just how far we've traveled in Sarasota over the last hundred years," said Harris.

This unique blend of horticultural exploration and historical narrative makes the Bayfront Garden Tour a must-attend attraction.