Bayshore accident a lesson to teens at safe driving summit

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FOX 13 was there as 65 teenagers from across Florida came together in St. Pete to try and prevent deadly accidents like what happened in May on Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa.

Almost three weeks after investigators charged two teens and one young adult for street racing that resulted in the death of a mother and child, teens are gathering at a leadership summit to learn the dangers of distracted driving. 

“Crashes are the number one killer of teens,” said Melissa Branca with the Florida Teen Safe Driving Coalition, which organized the three-day summit. 

Tampa police said 18-year-old Cameron Herrin, 17-year-old John Barrineau, and 20-year-old Tristan Herrin were street racing when Cameron Herrin's mustang lost control and fatally struck 24-year-old Jessica Raubenolt and her daughter. Investigators said the Mustang topped speeds of 100 miles-per-hour. 

"Honestly it's shocking, it's so terrible to hear stories like that," said Zachary Kashman, a high school student from Cape Coral who is attending the leadership summit.

Kashman said his fellow students are learning the dangers of distracted driving and how quickly a life can be taken. 

Branca said the students attending the summit are peer role models and will take what they learn back to their high schools.

“Teens are likely to take the advice of their friends,” Branca says. 

The leadership academy runs through Wednesday.