BBB: Give smart and make your donation count

People in the Bay Area are known for their generosity, which is evident in the outpouring of donations in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. 

It is something to be proud of and the Better Business Bureau wants to make sure folks use that giving nature wisely. They encourage people to visit to do background research on a given charity.

The BBB says start by skipping third parties who say they will pass along your donation and give directly to a charity already on the ground, like the Bahamas Red Cross Society, for example 

"What you're looking for as a donor: Does this charity have a track record of getting the job done? The last thing you want to do is donate these items to a charity and these items are sitting in a warehouse somewhere," said BBB spokesperson Bryan Oglesby.

According to the Bahamian government, monetary contributions are most needed right now, along with things like building and cleaning supplies, nonperishable foods, water, bedding, and first aid.

Also, keep in mind, while the need is now, it will exist long into the future.

"Donate the resources now but also set money aside to donate to charities that may need to give and provide resources in the future," Oglesby said.

He also encourages people to be wary of online-fundraisers because there are very few safeguards against scammers.