Beaten dogs recovering; may soon be up for adoption

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The X-rays on two Labrador retrievers that were beaten with a sledgehammer are back.  And the results are surprising.

Tupac, the boy, had to get 14 sutures to close his gaping wound.  Bella, the girl, had to get eight.  Despite the extensive wounds, internally they are better than hoped.

Dr. Kim Domokos, medical director at the SPCA of Florida, says neither suffered any significant fractures.

"I am happy with that news," Domokos told FOX 13 on Thursday.  "It's just someone up there looking out for these guys."

Investigators are still looking for the man they say beat the dogs, Tad Whitworth.  They say Whitworth's girlfriend asked him to euthanize the dogs because they were old, so Whitworth bludgeoned them. A neighbor tipped off authorities.

Domokos says the dogs will need medication and some recovery time.  She says they may be ready to be adopted in as little as a few weeks.  They are hoping Tupac and Bella will be able to stay together.

The dogs are older, and could be emotionally traumatized after what they have been through.  So the SPCA will be looking for the perfect home for the pair.

"Just for them to be cherished and shown what unconditional love is all about," said Jessica Lawson, SPCA spokeswoman.