Behind-the-scenes look at new thrill rides coming to Busch Gardens, Adventure Island

From the water to the sky, Busch Gardens and Adventure Island are just months away from completing two of their newest, record-breaking attractions.

Both the Iron Gwazi roller coaster at Busch Gardens and the Solar Vortex water slide at Adventure Island are set to open Spring 2020. Both new additions have something for everyone to enjoy.
"You look at everything we've added in the last two years, and it really punches it through to guests walking in, and I'm hoping they're thinking 'wow, they're working on a lot here,'" said Adventure Island's Vice President Brandon Thom.

Nearly all the pieces for the Solar Vortex slide at the water park are in place, and already it's making a name for itself.
"It has two dual spin tail features, which is the only ride in America that can say that," Thom said.

Creators say those tailspin features are one of the attraction's highlights.

"These are two features where riders will shoot in one side, bank around a sharp turn, then shoot out the other," explained Andrew Hatcher, Solar Vortex's project manager.

It's a family water slide experience inspired by our very own Sunshine State.
"It also has these very unique AquaLucent features, and what they act as is LED effects," said Thom. "So, the sun, the natural Florida sun shines through, it's pitch black inside except for these see-through translucent effects, and it creates an awesome, awesome experience."
However, if sliding through those twists and turns at 28 miles per hour just isn't fast enough, guests can get their fill of thrills on Iron Gwazi over at Busch Gardens. The coaster is a record-breaking hybrid of steel and wood that can't be found anywhere else.

"It's North America's tallest and the world's fastest and the world's steepest hybrid coaster. It's 206 feet tall, it's going to drop you down a 91-degree drop at 76 miles per hour," said Andrew Schaffer, the Director of Design at Busch Gardens.
The heart-stopping coaster takes the place of the previous Gwazi ride which closed down in 2015, making room for something bigger, better and faster.
"There's three inversions on the attraction and 12 airtime moments," said Schaffer. "It's a very dynamic and very fast attraction. It's going to be really fun."

So fun, the coaster's creators say guests will be coming back for more.
"I hope they say they want to get on it again. That's really the goal," Schaffer said.

Both the Iron Gwazi and Solar Vortex attractions are set to open this spring. Specific dates will be released in the near future.