Bill proposes adding computer code to foreign languages

There's a renewed push in the state capitol to add computer coding language to the list of accepted foreign language classes in high schools.

The idea is to give students more choices and help them prepare for the technology jobs of the future.

Sixth grader Ethan Greenberg is among those supporting a new bill that would allow students to get foreign language credits in school for taking computer coding classes.

"I was told I have dysgraphia. It's a disability that makes it hard for written expression," Greenberg said. "I have been able to overcome this by typing with a computer. This sparked an interest in programming."

The bill was given the OK by of the Florida Senate's Education Committee. It aims to better prepare students for futures in the technology industry.

Last year, the Computing Technology Industry Association ranked Florida fourth for tech industry workers.

But Linda Markley, a member of the Florida Foreign Language Association says coding should stay with computer science education.

"It is a human language when we learn a second language, and computer programing is not a human language," she said.

Students choosing coding would also have to earn an industry-related certificate.

This is the second year in a row this bill has come up. If approved, state colleges would have to accept those coding classes as part of admissions.