Birthday 're-do' for autistic boy after no one showed for first party

An autistic boy in Osceola County had an incredible birthday party, thanks to strangers and people who serve and protect. 

The celebration follows a bitter disappointment, the family says. 

Glenn Buratti, 6, has a lot to be thankful for. He recently scored a huge birthday surprise from sheriff's deputies and firefighters at his home in St. Cloud. 

It all happened after his mom planned an earlier birthday party and not one of the 16 children she invited showed up.

"Probably one of the biggest hurts you can have, to see how let down your child is when nobody shows up for them," said Ashlee Buratti, Glenn's mother.

It was a crushing day for little Glenn. Mom vented about it on Facebook, and one week later, Glenn came home from school to see fire trucks, a police motorcycle, and even a helicopter fly over -- all belated birthday wishes. 

"His face just lit up," Ashlee said. "His eyes got real big! He smiled the whole time."

These are some of the gifts firefighters and deputies brought to Glenn.

"They treated us like family," Ashlee explained. "That's all we could have asked for from anybody- was just to be there for us." 

Neighbors and strangers dropped off birthday gifts and hundreds of people sent greetings on Facebook. Other moms with autistic children sent thank you messages online.

"I'm very surprised," said John Buratti, Glenn's father. "It was one Facebook post, and it took off and people [helped] us and it was amazing."

Glenn's mom hopes there will never be another child's birthday party where no one shows up, because a child is a little different.

"Treat him like anybody else. Just love them. They've got a heart just like normal kids."