Blue Angels soar over Cinderella's castle

No, those weren't any special effects. The U.S. Navy Blue Angels soared over Cinderella's castle at Walt Disney World this morning, delighting guests with the unusual spectacle.

The Navy's flight demonstration team was on its way to an airshow in nearby Melbourne and took the opportunity to fly over the iconic location.

"When we can fly over an area like this where we have so many families, so many people that we would like to inspire, it's just a fantastic opportunity for us," offered Petty Officer Terry Siren, the Blue Angels' public affairs supervisor.

Cameras snapped and cheers erupted as the six blue and yellow F/A-18 Hornets made two passes over the park, performing their signature delta formation.

"I hope we put some smiles on some faces today," Siren added in a video released by Disney. "The crowd reaction that I heard earlier, I think they were really excited to see us."

The Blue Angels are performing at the Melbourne Air and Space Show on Saturday and Sunday.

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All photos & videos courtesy Walt Disney World.