Blue-green algae bloom found on Lake Henry in Winter Haven, health officials say

The Florida Department of Health issued a warning because of a potentially dangerous blue-green algae bloom on Lake Henry in Winter Haven.

"When the water gets warmer and the temperature gets warmer and there’s abundance of nutrients in the water, it can sometimes cause this kind of algae bloom," Scott Sjoblom with the Florida Department of Health.

The warning advises people not to boat, swim, or fish on the lake. Above all, it said, you shouldn’t drink the water. Even though people react differently to blue-green algae exposure, the symptoms can get pretty nasty.

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They include possible diarrhea, vomiting, itchy eyes, skin rashes and trouble breathing. If the exposure is high enough, people with underlying conditions can even experience liver failure.

Blooms are more common this time of year and can persist for several weeks. Experts said if you have come in contact with water from Lake Henry and feel ill, see your doctor.