Bobcat spotted scaling fence, tree in Florida backyard

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A North Port family caught what appears to be a bobcat scaling their backyard fence and hanging out by the pool.

The big cat is seen walking on top of the fence line toward a tree, pausing to step over some overgrowth.

The video was captured in July in resident Michelle Kelling's backyard, but she recently posted the video of the encounter on her Facebook page.

The bobcat looks up at the tree and surveys its surroundings before leaping onto the tree and climbing it. "Holy (expletive) I've never them do that before," said Kelling on the video. "Did you know they did that?" she asks.

It eventually wanders out of view and they can't seem to find it anymore.

Big Cat Rescue says the large cat is a bobcat. Both the bobcat and the Florida panther are native to Florida, but unlike the bobcat, panthers are endangered.