Book Bus on journey to help kids learn

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Bess the Book Bus spreads the joy of reading to kids everywhere.

Anyone who's lived in the Bay Area for a while knows the Book Bus has been around for about 14 years, journeying around to help kids learn.

The bus' captain, a modern-day Ms. Frizzle, says if one book lights a child's mind, her work is worth it.

"That Atlantic stories one will have a lot of fairy tales and that sort," Jennifer Frances told a child as they looked through Bess the Book Bus' selection.

It's a special day when Bess The Book Bus pulls up at a neighborhood school with free books for any child who wants one. No one walks away empty-handed.

"It can help you get a good education and help you to expand your imagination," student Jannatul Ferdous said.

Jennifer travels to schools all over the country. Parker Martin and his friends at Blanton Elementary couldn't be more excited.

"I really don't get that many books and it's nice for a book bus to come to our school and give out free books," student Parker Martin said.

Jennifer Frances started this project 14 years ago to honor her grandmother, who's name was Bess. She taught Jennifer the love of reading. Now Jennifer is paying forward that love.

"We saw three and half thousand kids locally last year; gave away about 19,000 books, so that was really exciting," Jennifer said.

Jennifer is on a mission to expand literacy and help grow young minds.

"A book is your friend and a book opens up new a new world for kids," Jennifer said.

Just maybe that one book in the hands of a child will make all the difference in the years to come.