Boys find and return purse stolen 3 years ago: 'Restores my faith in humanity'

Eli Rempe and Sam Yarpe, pictured, returned Mallory Pittman-Morris' lost handbag to her home last weekend. (Jessica Cannon Rempe)

These young helpers came in clutch.

A Nebraska woman has been reunited with a long-lost handbag that was stolen three years ago, after two fourth-graders found it while playing and pledged to find the rightful owner.

Eli Rempe and Sam Yarpe were playing with friends near a creek by the Papillion Soccer Fields on Sunday when they spotted a purse filled with old credit and gift cards, WOWT reports.

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"We felt bad ‘cause she lost all that stuff and it was probably really important," Yarpe told the station.  

“My mom says normally it’s a pain to replace credit cards and stuff because she had a lot of cards in there,” Rempe added.

With a little help from a parent and the magic of Facebook, Mallory Pittman-Morris was identified as the owner of the bag. Later that day, the boys were excited to personally bring it to her home.

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“When [the mom] reached out, I told her I would love to have them back because this sounded like the items that would have been in my purse that was stolen three years prior,” Pittman-Morris told Fox News on Friday. “Her boys were so excited to bring it back to me as I had been missing this stuff for so long.”

While there wasn’t any cash in the purse, Pittman-Morris worried that the thief could have stolen her identity or used the cards. (Mallory Pittman-Morris)

Three years ago, Pittman-Morris said, someone smashed her car window and snatched her purse while she and her husband watched their son play soccer. Though she filed a police report and canceled the cards, her bag never turned up. 

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Happily surprised to have her bag back after all this time, the woman said that the boys’ good deed has lifted her spirits. As a small token of her appreciation, Pittman-Morris thanked her new friends with some sweets.

"I threw together a bag of candy for each of them to show my gratitude and explained to them how amazing this was as I never thought I would see this stuff again. It makes me feel so much better knowing my stuff isn’t in someone else’s hands," she explained.

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"It restored my faith in humanity – that’s for sure," Pittman-Morris told Fox. "It’s nice to know there are still good people out there and parents who are raising their kids to do good."

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