Blue Christmas: Brandon family lighting the holidays with a Bolts theme

A family in Hillsborough County is mixing hockey with the holidays, decking the halls by decking out their house for the Tampa Bay Lightning

There are no red and green lights on Tammy McKernan's family home – only ice blue. It is no secret she and her family are huge Lightning fans.

"It's really been cool to see the team grow and, you know, win multiple cups now," she said.

The front yard of her Brandon home is a festive shrine to the back-to-back Stanley Cup champs, with life-size figures of eight current players shining in the spotlights, skating across the bright blue grass.

Her collection of decorations has grown over the years.

"We had an original banner that said, ‘We want the cup’ and then we just kind of kept that theme going. And then we won the cup. So we've replaced that with a celebration banner and added two more cups to it," said McKernan.

The McKernans have been putting out their Lightning lights since 2018, but their displays actually started years before, with a lifesized nativity scene – a family favorite that is on display every holiday season.

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The couple owns a sign and printing company and makes all of their cutouts. One Stanley Cup stands at 16 feet, with the other two reaching 8 feet tall.  

It's a statement they hope people notice.

"Whether people believe it or not, we're a hockey town and we're here to stay," McKernan said.

The McKernans welcome anyone to drive by their home and take in the sights. To learn more, visit