Bringing holiday gifts and meals to those in need

Everyday Metro Ministries helps put food on the table and a roof over the heads of thousands of people in the Bay Area who need a little help making ends meet. On Christmas, Metro Ministries  really goes above and beyond to make the day special for kids and families.

On Sunday, volunteers arrived early to spend their Christmas mornings with hundreds of children and parents who call the Metro Ministries shelter home. Making sure more than 200 kids would be able to enjoy every child’s favorite day of the year.

Each year Metro Ministries teams up with Wellcare, whose volunteers “adopt” kids and families. Families make wish lists and volunteer to buy presents for the kids, and even a little something for their parents, to ensure everyone has a special day.

“It’s just the best way ever to spend a Christmas morning to just walk around and see little kids. Christmas is about the children. To be able to bring them that and then see the parents’ faces as well, there’s nothing more heartwarming,” said Wellcare volunteer Kim Wesselman.                         

Metro Ministries was able to make the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays special for more than 18,000 families in need this year thanks to generous food, toy and time donations from our community.