Broadway is back: Straz Center raises curtain after nearly two years of darkness

Broadway shows have been put on hold for nearly two years due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the show must go on and Tampa is one of the cities in the country raising the curtain.

"Broadway, like all the performing arts, was not able to be performed all through the COVID pandemic because it’s live," explained Judy Lisi, president and CEO of the Straz Center. "These people are singing and dancing and they are co-mingled in tight quarters, so there was no way they could possibly perform during the height of the pandemic." 

The Straz Center opened on October 26 with ‘Tootsie the Musical.’

"Our Broadway subscribers come to seven to 10 shows a year, so it’s a major part of their life and we do bring some of the best shows that are currently running on Broadway right here to Tampa," shared Lisi.

Shows being performed at the Straz include Tootsie, Cats, Disney’s Frozen, The Band’s Visit, My Fair Lady, Donna Summer the musical, and The Prom. 

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"I think this is going to be so important for people who really want to come out after being cooped up for so long," added Lisi. "And we’ve seen it even with the few concerts that we’ve already done, they are just so happy to be here in the building to get ready to see a show. It’s just going to be really wonderful."

LINK: For more information on shows at the Straz visit 


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