Broth Bomb in Dunedin puts a fizzy, delicious twist on one-pot meals

Everyone's heard of bath bombs. They bubble and fizz in the tub, giving you a luxurious bath time experience.

The owner of a new company in Dunedin wondered, "How could we ‘bomb’ the flavor industry?" and Broth Bomb was born.

The fizzy seasoning balls drop into a pot of boiling soup or stew and turn bland into mouth-watering.

Co-founder Andrew Laurent said he actually started his company to share easy, one-pot meals, but something was missing. 

"We realized that by adding a baking soda it would fizz like a bath bomb would," he explained. 

It's a fun gimmick, but the process actually helps meld the ingredients during cooking. 

The Broth Bomb comes in a box with easy recipe ideas. 

You buy the ingredients – mostly canned or frozen greens and beans – heat them in a pot, and the drop the bomb. It's the perfect time to get the kiddos to help, too.

Let it simmer for about half an hour and you have a wonderful dish the whole family will love. 

The best way to try Broth Bomb is to order directly from their website, They also have a store on Amazon.