Burglary suspect had horse in tow, Pasco deputies say

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A Spring Hill man is facing charges for breaking into a home in New Port Richey with an unusual accomplice.

Pasco deputies say Lonnie Maddox had a horse with him when he showed up Thursday morning at a home on Shalimar Street.

Body camera video captured the arrest and shows a Good Samaritan brought the horse to a deputy after it was found roaming the neighborhood.

Deputies say Maddox circled the property a few times before breaking in through a window. He didn't take anything, but authorities were able to catch up to him pretty quickly thanks to the homeowner's surveillance system.

"I really didn't think the guy was going to break into the house," said Steve Ferguson, the owner of the home. "What? He had a getaway horse? So it was a little odd."

Maddox first told deputies his horse had gotten lost. When he found out he'd been caught on surveillance video, he then said he thought the home was abandoned and wanted to check it out to possibly rent it.

According to Ferguson, break-ins are common in his neighborhood. He hopes the suspect's quick arrest sends a message to others.

The suspect's four-legged sidekick, named Angel, was taken in by animal control. The Pasco County Sheriff's Office said it's unclear who the horse belongs to.