Busch Gardens welcomes baby white rhino, Winnifred

Busch Gardens has welcomed a new member of the family.

At three days old, Winnifred, a southern white rhino, weighs in at 140 pounds, and is still eating well, the theme park reports. White rhinos can put on four pounds a day.

Winnifred is Afrikaans for “white” or “fair.” They are native to the southern part of Africa. Although the white rhino species is growing, they are still threatened to risks like poaching, mainly for their horns, said Peter Black, senior veterinarian for Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. But this three-year-old and its mom are living their lives in the enclosed areas of Busch Gardens, and watchful eye of animal experts.

If you ever visit the park, you can get a glimpse of the family at Serengeti Plain.