Business focused on veteran employment opens location in Tampa

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For those inside JDog’s new Tampa warehouse, moving and sorting is their service and they do it by hiring those who dedicated their lives to service.

“JDog is all about providing employment opportunities to our military veterans, as well as professional junk removal and hauling services to our communities,” said Danielle Woodruff, the company’s executive vice president.

The company was created in 2011 by an Army veteran. The Tampa location opened this January with a mission to de-clutter the Bay Area.

Marine Corps Veteran Gus Warpinski has been with JDog since April. He believes veterans are the most untapped resource for employers.

“They’re outstanding workers with fantastic work ethic and they generally have a do whatever it takes attitude,” he said.

According to the Department of Labor, veteran unemployment is around four percent in Florida, which is higher than the national average. With hundreds of servicemen and women leaving the service every day, JDog wants to help them find their place in the civilian workforce.

“Whether they stay with JDog long-term or temporarily, we’re happy to provide these individuals who have fought to protect our freedom the opportunity to have a life after they’re serving,” Woodruff said.

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