Camp Gladiator trains people of all fitness levels throughout Tampa Bay area

For many people, the daunting task of figuring out how to even begin exercising often keeps many people from heading to the gym. The Camp Gladiator Program helps those people take the first step toward a new and unique physical fitness experience.

The fitness program sets their "campers" up with a certified trainer, and schedules times for them to meet with exercise groups throughout the Tampa Bay area. The classes are held at a number of outdoor locations, and campers are not limited to a set number of classes or locations.

Camp Gladiator stresses the importance of working out as a community and holding your fellow campers accountable.

"They are getting the group fitness and the extra accountability. If you are not coming out to camp, your trainer is reaching out to you, but also your friends that you have met at camp. It's not just the trainer that cares, it's the new family you've met here", says Brandi Ross, Camp Gladiator's Area Director for Tampa Bay. 

People who attend the workouts are able to download the Camp Gladiator app in order to sign up for each workout they want to attend, as well as find new locations to expand their workout experience.

Camp Gladiator also hosts a number of social events at their workouts in order to build a sense of community among those using the program.

"Campers really enjoy interacting with each other while working out. They are working hard, but they get to laugh, they get to play, they get to do that fun stuff too. So that it makes them want to come back more," says Ross.

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The camp allows people of all ages to join no matter what fitness level. As Ross explains, the workouts can even become a family affair.

"We have husbands and wives out here. We have the kids out here. We do socials together. We kind of take it to the next level," she says.

Camp Gladiator hosts workout events at over 4,000 locations across the Southern part of United States, with dozens set-up here in Tampa Bay.

People who are interested in joining can sign up via the Camp Gladiator app, or they can visit their website.