Cats love computers at SPCA of Florida in Lakeland

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Who knew? Cats are apparently addicted to computers as much as the rest of us.

Enthusiastic cat owner BJ Brock says she has a terrible time keeping her cats away when she is working on her computer.

"I don't let them up there... because I am nervous when I am on the computer and I am afraid that I will lose what I am working on," said Brock. 

Brock says the battle to keep them at bay is relentless.

When the SPCA of Florida discovered how a warm laptop computer and the glow of its screen can mesmerize a cat, they decided to play kitten-friendly videos for the adoptable kittens - and it was a big hit.

The day FOX 13 stopped by, the cats were being entertained by a video titled "Barnyard Buffet." In it, mice run through blocks of cheese, birds flutter, and bugs scurry about.

The cats are transfixed. 

"I have seen them do flips. I have seen them bat at the screen," said SPCA employee Connie Johnson. "It is hilarious to watch."

For some cats, the videos have a more calming effect. Volunteer Anna Racco says she has seen cats go catatonic watching the video.

"They were just there, staring at the screen," she described. "For hours."

Experts say, along with the visual stimulation, cats are attracted to computers because they are a nice place to snuggle and warm up.