Cellphone catches car burglar caught in the act

A Winter Haven woman caught a car burglar in the act with her camera phone.

“It’s unheard of to catch someone in the act doing the crime and having the proof right there,” said Kathryn Jenkins.

Jenkins says Friday morning her 19-year-old daughter snapped a mobile phone picture of a suspect breaking into her car.  She was leaving for work and noticed him inside.

”She's screaming mom there's someone in your car at that point it must have startled him,” she told FOX 13.

“The first thing he did was look surprised like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar but then he took off running,” explained. Winter Haven Police Chief Charles Bird.

Chief Bird believes he broke into at least two other cars in the Winter Ridge community as well.  

He hopes someone out there knows his face.

“It’s going to help us solve this crime and get a guy that been tearing us up off the streets,” he added.

“Every picture she takes the heads cut off and I’m like really, but now she gets major props for taking a great picture,” Jenkins said.  “I hope he’s caught, he can’t get away with what he's doing.”