Cheers: Bubbly, pear-thyme cocktail is a refreshing Thanksgiving toast

As your turkey roasts and the green bean casserole bakes, there may be some downtime to enjoy a bubbly, refreshing cocktail. 

This pear-thyme champagne cocktail is perfect for holidays in Florida, and not-too-sweet. It’s made up of a combination of flavors including thyme, pear and apple.

This specific recipe is for a serving of 12 glasses. 


4 cups of apple juice
Pear, thinly slices
6 springs of thyme
1/2 cup of Triple Sec, or feel free to choose a different orange-liqueur 
1 bottle of dry champagne


1) Thinly slice the pear
2) Add apple juice, pear slices, thyme sprigs and the Triple Sec into a pitcher. Stir.
3) Place in refrigerator so the ingredients can infuse for at least two hours.
4) Discard thyme
5) Pour into glasses, but leave room for champagne
6) Top it off with champagne
7) Garnish with a sprig of thyme
8) Enjoy!